Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Really interested in your drawer system, how difficult are they to install?

A: Our system is ready to install upon delivery. The baseplate is integrated into the design of the storage system and ties into factory mount points. No figuring out a universal mounting solution or using those unsightly turnbuckles. Install usually takes under 30 minutes with basic hand tools.

Q: Will I have to drill any holes in my vehicle to mount the drawer system?

A: Yes and no, kind of. The 80 Series and JKU systems bolt up to factory tie down points right over your carpet. The 5th Gen 4Runner system is a little different. For all 5th Gen applications, you will have to remove the carpet and the piece right behind the rear seat. If you did not have the sliding cargo tray, you will need to locate the hidden nut-plates and drill a hole to uncover them. It’s as simple as temp installing the baseplate and marking where the holes should be. Use a small drill bit to start, don’t push hard through. It’s just a small layer of pot metal. Once through, step up your bit size until the entire nut-plate is exposed. Instructions and measurements are provided with purchase.


Q: I like the look of the natural wood but would be interested in a protective coating, what can I use?

A: Our system is 100% Baltic birch. We chose Baltic Birch because of its strength and low moisture absorption characteristics. Because Baltic Birch isn’t very porous, stains can be difficult to apply but not impossible. We also can provide the system bedlined with Raptor Liner if that option is selected at checkout.

Q: I know a guy , that knows a guy, that has an uncle that says he can build a system for like $500. Why would I buy a Peak to Peak drawer system?

A: We get asked this one a lot and the short answer is, you get what you pay for. First, our choice in grade of wood. We use ¾” and ½” Baltic Birch of grade BB/BB or better. Then we use ultra-heavy duty drawer slides with weight ratings up to 485lbs per pair. Lastly, every piece is CNC cut for precision and exact fit. CNC cut parts enabled us to dial in each drawer system with the maximum amount of storage space, from rear hatch (tailgate) to rear seats. We tried to use every possible inch. For example our 5th Gen 4Runner system uses 36” drawer slides and our 80 series system uses massive 40” drawer slides. Our slides also lock all the way out and in which most other systems do not offer. And when we say 36” or 40” slides, that’s how far the drawer pulls out too. Total access to all your items, unlike some systems where the drawers only pull halfway out.

Q: What kind of R&D has gone into the Peak to Peak drawer systems?

A: We’ve been running these in our own vehicles and other test vehicles for over 12 months and can’t begin to tell you how solid they are. No squeaks, no weird noises, no weak points. Just solid woodwork! We have made several changes along the way and sourced materials that would only strengthen each system. Collectively, we wheel quite regularly and why wouldn’t we? Colorado has so many trails to conquer and views to see. We even setup a tester we know to be really destructive (@imjoshuawalker) to test them for us, and he absolutely loves them!

Q: Will Peak to Peak offer any kind of accessories?

A: The quick answer is yes! We do not have a large network of vendors we are working with but hope with continued success that will change. Shortly we will be offering food grade HDPE as a drawer topper/cutting board surface as well as drawer dividers. These will be available a-la-carte from our products page in the very near future. Don’t worry, your drawer system will be pre-cut to accept the topper and dividers.

Q: I noticed some of your product pictures have refrigerators. What size will I be able to fit?

A: The flat 2 drawer systems are pretty limitless. The 3 drawer systems are a little more limiting. We designed the space to accept up to a 21” wide fridge slide which we know to be compatible with Dometic and DFG slides for 50-60qt Dometic fridges. We haven’t tested other models and types but we look forward to crowd sourcing data from you on what you find. We do know that specifically on the 5th Gen 4Runner system you wouldn’t want to have a fridge taller than about 19” or you might run into issues with the lid no opening all the way.

Q: Does Peak to Peak offer a discount to military and first responders?

A: Being a Veteran owned and operated company, how could we not? If you would like to take advantage of our discount, please email us at sales@peaktopeakoffroad.com. 

Q: How heavy are your drawer systems and will I need to upgrade my rear springs?

A: Our systems weigh between 125 and 175 pounds empty depending on application. Will you need  heavier springs to run the drawer system? Probably not just for the drawer system. Once you start filling the drawers with everything you need to survive a weekend out in the wilderness, add a fridge or cooler, couple bikes for the kids, and all your gear…most definitely. We know a couple setups ourselves and a few small businesses that could help get you going in the right direction if you have questions.